5 Ways to Get Your Dog to Love Their Vet

Mushers Secret Ways to Get Your Dog to Love Their Vet

5 Ways to Get Your Dog to Love Their Vet

At some point in every dog’s life they will have to take that trip to the scariest place on earth (at least to them), the Vet! Some dogs love going to visit their vet, while others don’t – making it very difficult for you, their owner, when the time comes.

It is common for dogs to have a fear of veterinarians, with all the different smells, poking and prodding, and other unpleasant experiences and sounds. However, we are here to tell you that there are exercises you and your four-legged friend can do to help make this experience more enjoyable and actually get them to look forward to their next visit!

Just like anything else, it will take some time and effort on your part, but it is well worth it when you’re not dragging them in, looking at those sad puppy eyes and instead they run in to greet everyone with a smile!

Here are 5 exercises you can do with your pup to get them better acclimated and more excited for their vet visits.

Take more car rides.

If you rarely take your dog for car rides, they will begin to associate the car with the vet in a negative way. So, why don’t you take them to the park, out for a beach day, hike, or to any other store where dogs are welcome! The more you take your dog on other enjoyable rides the more it will help your dog gain a good attitude towards traveling and ultimately visiting their vet.

Increase your dogs socializing and crowd exposure.

If you come from a household with multiple dogs, they are more likely to feel more comfortable around other dogs and do better in crowded areas. If your dog is a single child, this will take a little more effort on your part to get your dog out and about to increase their socialization and help them feel more comfortable around different noises, new smells, and even new friends.

Stop by just to say hi!

Another way you can help your dog feel more comfortable with visiting the vet is by simply stopping by to say hello and maybe even get a treat. By doing this you will show your dog that the vet isn’t always a scary place to go. That they can in fact feel comfortable there, that they have friends there, and what they probably care about the most, they get treats there!

Reward your dog.

When it comes to rewarding your dog, it’s not just about getting them to sit or stay. It can be very helpful to implement rewards while at the vet, during their examination. Next visit bring some of your dog's favorite treats (or even something special that they don’t usually get at home) and reward them for their good behavior and obedience while there. I mean let’s be honest, what dog wouldn’;t love visiting their vet again when they know if means yummy treats?!

Keep cool, calm, and collective.

Your dog is extremely intuitive with your emotions thanks to the special bond you both share. Your feelings of anxiety or stress can be easily received by your dog. We know it can be hard to see your dog upset or scared, but the more cool, calm, and collective you are and show them that this is a safe place the better they will be.

Taking on the vet can be difficult for your dog and a scary experience, but by putting in the right amount of time and energy and putting strategies into place will help you and your dog see all the difference!

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