Dog Park Prep 101

Mushers Secret Dog Park Prep

Dog Park Prep 101

Dog parks can be a great place to allow your four-legged friend to play and explore off-leash in a safe environment. It’s a wonderful place for your dog to learn how to socialize, meet other dogs, be exposed to new smells and sounds, and make some friends along the way. Having the option of taking your pup to a dog park is extremely convenient and can be very beneficial in increasing their activity levels and exposure to some good old fresh air!  

But, before you all hop in the car and go, there are a few steps you should take to make sure your trip to the dog park is a success and everyone has a great day under the sun!

Scope Out the Scene.

Everyone’s dog is different. Some are very energetic and friendly, some are a little more shy and timid. Some like to play with others and say hello everyone, while others like to keep to themselves and play a quiet game of me, myself, and I. Depending on what kind of personality and energy level your dog has, it is important to scope out the scene beforehand and pick the dog park that fits best with you and your dog.

Road Trip!

Once you have found a good dog park, plan a short first trip to allow your dog to get familiar with the area. Start by walking your dog on-leash around the park parameters. Let them check out all the new sights, sounds and smells. Introducing your dog to this before they enter the park will help them become more familiar with the area and feel more comfortable when they come back next time.

Practice Makes Perfect.

Dogs are very territorial animals and these senses can be heightened when they are on a leash. Most dogs are used to being on a leash already, but we suggest taking your dog out on-leash and socializing, just to get some more practice and allow them to see that it is still safe and are not threatened. Dog’s can also feel threatened being inside a fenced in area. So, we also suggest introducing your dog to an enclosed area prior to their dog park debut. The main objective is to show your dog that they are not in a threatening situation and do not need to have their guards up, even though their natural instincts tell them otherwise.

Like most things when it comes to your dog training is key! The more you practice with your dog, the more comfortable they will be in their new environments and the more fun you will all have!

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