Taking Your Dog to the Beach: Tips for a Successful Day Under the Sun

Mushers Secret Dog at the Beach

Taking Your Dog to the Beach:
Tips for a Successful Day Under the Sun

Beach days with your dog can be a blast, but it does require some preparation to ensure that your dog stays safe, while enjoying their time under the sun! Many of the same things that can harm you while at the beach can also harm your dog, so it’s important to be prepared, stay aware, and plan ahead to avoid any potential emergencies. 

Some threats you may encounter when with your dog at the beach are sunburn, riptides, dangerous water creatures, such as jellyfish, and broken glass or other sharp or harmful objects. A beach day with your dog should be about exploring and having fun, so here are 5 useful tips that will prepare you and your dog for an epic day with your toes (and paws) in the sand!


Find a dog-friendly beach.

Even though it’s most people’s dream to be on a beach filled with energetic dogs running around, there are some beaches that do not allow dogs. So, make sure you do your homework and find the best beach for you and your pup.

Be aware of the weather forecast.

Warm summer temperatures at the beach can pose a threat to your dog's health, as well as, ingesting too much salt water, which will lead to dehydration. So it’s important to make sure that your dog has a shady area to retreat to and that you come fully stocked with enough water for you both to stay hydrated.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!

Contrary to what some may believe, your four legged friend can also get a sunburn, especially dogs with shorter and light-colored coats, as well as dogs with pink noses. Although you two will not be sharing the same sunscreen, (there are dog approved sunscreens on the market) it’s crucial that you both lather up and stay protected from those harmful rays.

Come prepared with a first-aid kit.

You never know what you’ll come across at the beach. Whether it’s a sharp object, debris from the ocean or even a not so nice water criter, being prepared to handle an emergency if one arises will be extremely helpful.

Protect your paws (both you and your dog’s!).

You must protect your dogs paws from hot sand, debris, and the general wear and tear that comes from these types of outings. Just like us, it’s never comfortable being on your feet when you have an open wound, tenderness, burn, etc. By using Musher’s Secret Dog Paw Wax it forms a semi-permeable, breathable barrier for your dog’s paws, protecting them from many different environments. It can be used on a case by case basis, but for maximum results and year round protection we suggest applying a thin layer 2-3 times a week. It will absorb in a few moments, will not come off on floors, carpeting or clothing.

Following these tips will not only help in keeping your dogs safe, but it will ensure they will have a great time and some fun in the sun!


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