A Secretly Great Solution For Lots of Dog Problems

We use this on both our dogs for two very different reasons. Our senior dog who has one eye and is mostly blind gets a very dry and cracked nose in the winter. We used to put SNOUT SOOTHER Natural Dog Company – Dry Chapped Cracked and Crusty Dog Nose Remedy for Dry Dog Noses 2 OZ on his nose four or five times per day and it helped, but it never really stopped the cracking. He drinks a lot of water because of medications and so he constantly has his face in his bowl of water, which does not help at all. Musher’s Secret goes on in the morning and keeps his nose wet and happy all day long. I can put a dab on after he eats breakfast and his nose looks just like his sister’s (she is 2) for the rest of the day and I know it feels better because when I get the container out he sits patiently and waits while I apply. For our puppy we use Musher’s on her feet. She is a runner – at least five to six miles per day – and during the winter months especially her feet have problems from the ice and salt. Around once a week I make her lay down and I rub a generous glob into each pad and then I force her (I’m such a horrible person) to wear socks for at least 30 minutes. In between major treatments I will sometimes rub a small amount of Musher’s in between the pads on her feet before she goes to bed. Her feet stay protected and this makes me happy, but I know as sassy as she gets she is happy because her feet feel better.

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