Adrienne and Lucy

“I wanted to thank you for developing such an outstanding product. My beagle Lucy was adopted from a high-kill Kentucky shelter and transported to chilly, snowy Buffalo, NY. When it started snowing it was apparent she was incredibly sensitive to salt for de-icing, as she had probably never encountered it before. I live in a large apartment complex so they won’t use dog-safe salt.
I agonized about what to do with her. If she even stepped on a crystal of salt she would whimper and shiver in pain and I’d have to carry her home and wash her feet out in the tub. I couldn’t find a decent pair of boots that didn’t take 15 minutes to put on her. I had no idea what to do!
Then I looked online and found your product. Only one dealer in my immediate area sold Musher’s Secret in stores. I raced over, bought the small jar, and put it on Lucy as soon as I got home. I took her outside and I couldn’t believe the difference it made! She hadn’t been so happy to be outside in weeks. She was wiggling with joy, romping over snow and ice and even the salt, though I tried to get her to avoid it– she didn’t care! Now we can go on long walks like we used to in the warm weather.

Why is this a secret!? This is a must-have for any dog guardian. I’ll be using it year-round!”

Thank you so much,

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