Hello from the Rocky Mountains,
My husband and I along with our 6 year old Goldendoodle have been playing in the mountains for a week. The cold dry air has taken a toll on my poor face, which was rough, scaly , and to the point of unbearable. I am a wholistic retiree who uses nothing but natural products ever, but none of my homemade concoctions were doing the trick (coconut oil,olive oil, rosemary, sugar scrub, lavendar etc etc.) My husband said “maybe you need something waxy” and I immediately thought of Musher’s Secret which we use for our very furry footed friend, Poppy.
I got immediate relief and have been applying to the rough areas both morning and night…no more scales and rough patches…truly amazing. It has also helped with dry itchy patches on legs and elbows…thank you so much for this amazing product! And after finding the list of ingredients, I feel even better about using it…I was afaid it contained petroleum, a no no in the natural world! BTW Poppy loves it too.

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