Lo Perez

For Keeping Your Dog’s Paws Moisturized

Purchased this because My pup has had issues with rock salt getting stuck in between her paws during the winter months. Her paws can get sensitive from the cold and Icy ground as well as in the summer when the pavement becomes really hot during the afternoon. The balm is quite dense and moisturizing. You have to know how to apply this on your dog, I take a clump[ which stays solid and does not become runny with body heat] and place it on the inside of my palm and then rub it on her paws on our way out the door. I do recommend keeping a napkin or small cloth with the product to wipe up your own hands after application, or you can even rub it on your own cuticles or knuckles because the ingredients are no different from what we would find in body lotions/balms. It has a mild smell and is made up of clean emollient ingredients.
I do not recommend applying this inside of the house because it will leave little paws all throughout your floors. After returning from our walks I make sure to clean her feet with a warm wet cloth, and that is something I do anyways when we return from our walks. The 60G size is more than enough and I can see it lasting me for almost 2 years.
As you can see in the picture, The left side of my dog’s paw is after applying a slight amount of Musher’s and the right side is the paw before the application- which as you can see can become dry and ashy naturally.

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