Great Paw Protection for Your Adventure Buddy

I have only had this, two days, and I can say that it has already helped a lot. My dogs are with my significant other all day long, and he works on granite and rock. They had the most dried out and torn up feet because just the dust alone dries out their feet. On top of that we take them running on dirt roads, and gravel, and pavement. This is already helping out the severe drying and helping out with the small cracks when we put it on them in the mornings, since they spend most the day outside. It’s allowing those little ones to start healing. It protects their tender feet from the black hot pavement and anything else throughout the day. I would say so far that this product is great. If they could come up with a way to put it on easier to your dog who hates his feet being touched because they have been so dry and torn up in the past they would be millionaires.

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