I am about to start my third year as a veterinary student at the University of Illinois. I just wanted to say that I think your product is fantastic! I originally bought it for my Bearded Collie, Frankie, since we enjoy taking long walks in the winter, but he didn’t enjoy the salt burn or snowballing. I noticed it had a soothing effect on his feet and would use it if he had any hotspots elsewhere on his body. It worked well for that too! I’ve recommended your product to several of my friends. One of the dogs I recommended it for was my friend’s Beagle-Lab mix. Shadow is about 13 years ol d, and has an inoperable mast cell tumor on his front foot. He kept biting and chewing on it and it was becoming impossible to keep him from bothering his foot last winter. Shadow was bleeding and at risk for secondary bacterial infections. I recommended Musher’s Secret–and his foot was able to heal. He no longer has a cracked, bleeding tumor, and his family doesn’t have to worry about him being at risk for infections. My friend’s mom said it saved his life; they were worried that they would have to euthanize Shadow because of the bleeding and infections. It’s six months later and Shadow is doing fine–as long as he has his Musher’s Secret applied weekly. He still does have the tumor, but his quality of life for the time he has left has improved. I’m so happy it extended this dog’s time with his family. I love this product, and I will definitely be recommending it to my clients and have it available at my office when I am a veterinarian.

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