Jenn and Lilly

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful we think your product is. We recently adopted a Shar Pei / Australian Cattle Dog cross with special needs from a local shelter. Lilly was born both blind and deaf, but that doesn’t slow her down for a second! She loves going for walks, exploring new places, and meeting new people. We live in Columbus, OH and our walks generally have Lilly pounding at least 2 hours of sidewalk a day. I noticed that her feet seemed sore, and that she didn’t seem as happy during our walks. I finally figured out that her poor pink feet were baking on the hot sidewalks! I ordered a small tub of Musher’s Secret from the online store, and began using it the day it arrived. This product is fantastic! Not only did Lilly resume her joy in walking with me, but her dry, cracked pads have become nice and soft again. With her lack of sight and hearing, her sense of touch is very important, and your product has given her sensitivity back to her foot pads, and soothed the soreness. I also always rub it into my cuticles when I apply it to Lil’s feet, and it has really helped my chronic hang nails and dry, peeling fingertips due to my need to very frequently wash my hands at work. We love your product, and can’t wait to tackle winter with it! Thank you so much for making such fabulous product that is safe and non-toxic to our beloved Lilly!

Best Wishes,

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