Love This Stuff! Great for New Hampshire Winters and Hours Upon Hours Outdoors

Wasn’t sure if my dog would like this or not, and i was VERY concerned that he would just lay down and lick it off for 5 minutes immediately after I put it on him. We live in NH and have had a ridiculous winter so far….when it’s not 2 degrees it’s snowing like crazy, when it’s not snowing like crazy it’s super icy or slushy, and it is ALWAYS very salty/sandy. He had started to lay down and lick his paws in the middle of walks, and he would continue to lick them for 20 minutes after walks, so I knew they were bothering him a lot. It got so bad he would literally throw himself down on his back holding all four paws in the air to avoid putting his paws on the nasty cold ground. I wanted to get him booties but didn’t think he would wear them so I bought this stuff instead, and I’m really glad I did. He lets me put it on everyday before we venture into the cold for walks and he hasn’t been licking his paws at ALL (not before, during, or after walks). We have been going on long runs (6.5 miles this weekend, between the two major storms), been snow showing for hours (currently we have 3 feet of snow and counting), and hour+ long walks on snowy/icy/salty side walks in 5 degree temps. He hasn’t stopped once for his paws and hasn’t been licking them at all. The only downside is that I don’t get to see him do his funny ‘my feet are cold’ prance walk. A very good tradeoff.
I slather it on his paws before we go out in the morning and he’s good for the rest of the day. It does not leave residue on my floors (I take him out as soon as I put it on, so I am sure it would leave greasy marks if I let him walk around inside a lot before going outside) and one application lasts for at least an entire day of walks (3 hours worth at least). Because our snow is so deep, I started putting it on his belly and underside before snow shoeing (the area that barely has any fur on it) to offer him belly protection. He lets me apply it no problem, so I think he knows it helps. I also rub the extra on my hands and it feels nice and makes them soft 🙂 HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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