Truffle Shuffle

Must Have for Every Dog Owner

pasted imageMy pup over time developed sensitive paws. Found that out on a walk when one of his paws had an open wound and he started to limp. Upon inspection all his paws were in pretty bad condition, no wounds yet but I believe all of them were heading the same way as the injured one. Guess it came with age as he never had this problem before. So it was a major issue for us, besides the fact that he needs to relief (sic) himself. He absolutely loves his walks and goes Ape – “number 2” every time I grab the leash.

Wasn’t (sic) many options locally so I was quite concerned until I came across this product. It’s all natural, that’s always a major plus. At the first application he was quite confused with the jar and grabbing his paw, but man, when I started applying it his expression was of pure relief with a hint of thank you. Over time his paws got better and stayed that way, I pretty much put it on before our walks, especially if it’s rougher weather. It’s a routine now where he lays down when I grab the jar. I just have to keep an eye on him for about 10 mins after, apparently it’s tasty too and he wants to lick it up.

Thank you guys for providing this, I have no idea how much of a struggle it would’ve been if not for this wax.

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