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I don’t write many reviews, but I want to send a cyber hug to the creators of Musher’s Secret. This has been a very long, harsh winter in my part of the world. That fact does not deter my labradoodle from wanting to play fetch everyday. I felt like the worst fur parent ever as I would watch the snow become dotted with blood from his cracked paws. I would inspect his feet, and he would have parts of his pads scraped off and deep divets. My pup didn’t mind because of his intense love for fetch, but I was having extreme guilt and shame for letting him experience even an ounce of pain. First, I tried paw wax that I bought “Essential Pet Paw Pad Protector” from PetSmart…total crap. I feel good that I might have just saved you money by not buying that brand. I took to Instagram, and all of my friends suggested trying Musher’s Secret. I bought it and started applying it every night right before bedtime and have been doing that routine for about a month now. So far three of his paws have completely healed and one paw is still making vast improvements. Pups feet are happy–I am happy–CYBER HUG!!!

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