Pleasantly Surprised

My Pit is allergic to EVERYTHING. He broke out on his paw with blisters and hot spots after changing his treats. I was worried about putting anything on his paws because I didn’t want to worsen the area. After reading so many positive reviews, I clicked “check out” while crossing my fingers. When it came in, the consistency was awesome, not messy at all. It went on easy and he didn’t seem to mind it any part of the process aside from me playing with his paws. No flavor or scent that attracted him to licking or sniffing. The first night, I did as someone in the reviews suggested and tried just one paw. In the morning, I did 2. That evening he allowed me to do all 4. More frequent then the label suggested, but I used a very little bit and only increased the frequency so that I could get him used to it. Because of the hot spots on one paw, it looks like the stuff “melted” down a bit more and it got on my comforter. Again, fingers crossed. I decided that I would toss it in the was the next morning. Its 3 days into doing 4 paws, once a day. Every day we do it on the bed and every day we notice no residue or staining from the day before. YAY! Last night, my boyfriend noticed how good his paws were looking (in addition to diet change). My dog’s paws are already soft and the hotspots are gone. I plan to continue to use it on a regular basis.

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