Really Great Stuff for MN Winters

This makes a tremendous difference to my dog (20 lb bichon/poodle) in Minnesota winters. Without Musher’s he picks up his feet in pain when we cross an area with salt on the sidewalk, and he gets ice balls between his toes when he walks in even a little snow. With it, he doesn’t have either of these problems (you need to get some Musher’s between their toes to deal effectively with the ice balls). In the winter a dog’s pads often feel rough and dry, and probably have some microfissures. After putting on the Musher’s, they feel smooth – much like putting on hand cream for people, but more lasting. My dog doesn’t love to have his feet handled, so I usually put it on three times over the course of a couple of days, to allow me to get more thorough coverage than he would allow in one application. Then he’ll be good to go for a week or more. You need to put it on right before you go out, to avoid waxy footprints in the house (they clean up easily on hardwood floors – I don’t know how they’d do on carpets but I’d want to avoid that). We do have boots for him but given how dogs feel about boots we keep those in reserve for days with temps below about 5F. This is a product that is as good as it claims to be.

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