The Pups Give It 5 Paws!

I purchased this for a trip to the snow. Last year, without Musher’s Secret, our dog’s paws were red and swollen from too much unprotected time in the snow.

I purchased this product as well as booties. The booties were a big NO and would not stay on and got snow inside them anyway. I then used only Musher’s Secret for 4 days.

The consistency is like a hair product you might use. Between a gel and wax. It is easy to get some from the container with your fingers and apply to the dog’s paws. It is slick and oily feeling and is hard to wash off your hands so it seems quite water resistant. Warm water and lots of soap got it off our hands.

You will use a decent amount on all the pads and in between–I believe the directions state that. Because it is slick, you’ll want to apply it on the paws while your dog is standing on a towel or similar. Or if you have a small dog someone can hold them. Once the stuff is on, you’ll not want them walking on your carpet or furniture, although I didn’t see any staining which is good.

The dogs could spend more time in the snow this trip because Musher’s Secret created a nice barrier on their pads. No redness or swelling this time! We did dry their paws well after being outside and would therefore reapply Musher’s Secret after every 2 times outside just to be safe.

Pros: portable, dog tolerates it (compared to booties), non-staining, creates what seems to be a successful barrier, little to no scent, easy to apply, says it’s natural

Cons: our 1 dog always tried to lick it off while applying it but that could just be our dog. No big cons because this product worked for us!

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