Worked great on my cat’s scratchy toe beans! TIP: Get them used to you touching their paws before applying

As soon as I placed the order for this, I began to “prep” my cat so I’d be able to actually apply it to his feet when it arrived. Whenever he’d curl up on my lap, I’d take one of his feets in my hand and start gently rubbing a paw pad. He was mildly annoyed at first, but eventually attributed it to “another weird but ultimately harmless thing mom does”. When the Musher’s arrived a week later, he was so accustomed to me touching his paw pads while he was lying on my lap that I was able to covertly rub some of the balm into all four of his kitty feets without him even noticing! Sneaky rogue cat mom!

The results were far better than I was expecting. He had rough, scratchy paw pads before, and the balm softened and smoothed them so much after just one application. The instructions say to use only a little of the balm, so his paws soaked it up very quickly and I did not have an issue with any product ending up on furniture or on the wood floors afterward as I had feared (thank the maker, I really didn’t want to have to mop my floors. I’m a caring cat mom, but a lazy cat mom, too.). This stuff worked so much better on him than any foot creams have worked on me. I’m tempted to use this stuff on MY feet!

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